The Ninth Step

The Ninth Step

John Milton is a former assassin for the British government. He is a ronin, trying to atone for his past sins by offering his services to those people who have no-one else to whom they can turn.

Milton is keeping a low profile in London when he meets Eddie Fabian. Fabian confesses that he is considering suicide, and that the reason for his depression was the abuse that he suffered as a child. Milton offers to help, but, before he can, Eddie is found dead in circumstances that Milton considers suspicious. And then events take a turn that no-one could have anticipated…

Milton’s attempted good deed becomes a quest to unveil corruption at the highest levels of government and murder at the dark heart of the criminal underworld. Milton is pulled back into the game, and that’s going to have serious consequences for everyone who crosses his path.


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Take a taste of Milton and I guarantee you will want to read about him and all of his friends.

Patrick Forney

I love John Milton. He is smart, dangerous (OK deadly), has a strong sense of right and wrong.


If you like action, a thoughtfully drawn main character, and a great plot, all these books are well worth your time.

Girl of the Far North

With remarkable character development, plot twists, and well constructed scene development, the Ninth Step will take you along for a journey of adventure, redemption and conquest against overwhelming odds and formidable foes.

Amazon Customer

The excitement begins early in the book and builds more with almost every chapter.

Berry Bass