Anti-Clockwise? No, ANTI-Clockwise!

Like any true Englishman, I do enjoy a good grouse about the weather.  There’s that old saying about the weather in Britain – “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”  So, after a good grumble about the endless rain of May, I’ve found myself rooting around in the closet for shorts and a […]


My son likes dinosaurs. And robots. And monsters. So, of course, we all settled down to watch GODZILLA VERSUS KONG recently. It is hilarious, and daft, and ridiculous. And absolutely brilliant.   I was interested to see that the film has done well, or at least, that’s what the scuttlebutt is about it, especially when […]


I’ve been rewatching BREAKING BAD recently, scratching an itch I’ve been meaning to get to since getting up to date with BETTER CALL SAUL. It’s been fascinating to go back and watch the show with the benefit of distance, and of knowing the ultimate final destination (or, at least, with the many theories and interpretations floating […]

Arm Doing Well, Thanks

One of the things that I’ve found peculiar (amongst many other things) about this year is how it is simultaneously long (every day seems the same) while also having passed remarkably quickly (a lack of difference in the diary, means fewer “memories” than usual). There have been bright spots of optimism as we inch out of one […]

On A Need To Know Basis

I’m delighted that LINE OF DUTY is back. Nine million of us are hooked on the rug-pulls, back-stabs and cutting comments in this real throw-back to “water cooler” television. One thing that I’ve found interesting is how the show makes no compromises in terms of explanation. You are clearly expected to have watched the previous […]


As I mentioned last month, I plan on answering a question or two each month from one of my readers.  This month, KristiLynne Stanley asks – “do you find yourself getting ideas for another story in the middle of your writing, and if so, what do you do?”   It’s a problem!   Everyone tells stories all […]


Someone has worked out that WANDAVISION is the most popular show in the world at the moment.  It follows THE MANDALORIAN as another example of Disney choosing to release their flagship series weekly, as opposed to what was becoming the standard – the release of all episodes at once.  Releasing an entire series was seen […]

The Leftovers And The Importance Of Theme

So, wildly late to it, but in this world of “everything is available forever” I don’t feel too bad for only now getting around to watching THE LEFTOVERS. I’ve worked backwards – I enjoyed WATCHMEN, and having been aware of Damon Lindelof’s writing for years now, wanted to explore another series where he was able […]

Lockdown Hard With A Vengeance

So, here we are again. For those reading who aren’t au fait with the state of things in the UK (and I can’t imagine why – it’s not like there’s much else going on…) we have just been put back in a country-wide lockdown, for the third time now.   It’s hard not to feel […]

The Crown And The Chains Of Authenticity

I’m sure you’ve all had quite enough of wading through the usual “best of” lists, so I’ll spare you mine. However, I would like to talk to you about one of the best things I watched last year: THE CROWN.   Even if you haven’t watched it you will likely have heard of it – […]