A Rock With A Hole, Some Bacon And A Steady Hand

There have been tiny steps made towards some kind of a return to normality, and I took the opportunity to take the family away for a few days, back to the coast in my old hometown. Naturally, life managed to find a way to throw a couple of spanners into the works, but somehow, by […]

The Best Cup Of Coffee I’ve Ever Tasted

A few months ago, I posted about how much I was missing the simple pleasure of taking time to enjoy a coffee in a quiet corner of a café during the lockdown period here in the UK. Things are easing here slightly, and whilst it still feels like there is a good way to go […]

Crisis And Broadening My Horizons

There were always comics in my house growing up, as with many people my age. They were everywhere, selling huge numbers, and across many genres. Every newsagent had shelves of them, covering all bases – the war comics, the sci-fi comics, the girls comics, the licensed tie-ins, and the humour comics that first caught my […]

Jordan, The Last Dance And Being Competitive

Late to the party as usual, but I’ve just finished THE LAST DANCE on Netflix, the hugely popular documentary series that focusses on the career of Michael Jordan, framed around the “Last Dance” of the title – the final season in his career as he and his Chicago Bulls team push for their final championship […]

On The High Street, Just In Time

I am making my high street debut this month with the hardback release of THE CLEANER hitting the shelves. I’m feeling a real mixture of emotions. I’ll try and explain.   Firstly, I am hugely grateful to the many readers who have enjoyed my books with their ereaders. It’s not an understatement to say that […]

A Good Walk Spoiled

Lockdown has presented me with all manner of unusual and surprising opportunities to try new things. When your routine has been shelved because of the limitations placed on you – for the most sensible of reasons – then it does force you to look at new ways at making the best of the situation, especially […]

On Podcasts

Everyone seems to have their own podcast. I’ve even got a podcast for other writers. I’ve found myself enjoying the format more and more during the daily dog walk with Scout.   Finding the time for listening to a good podcast is as rare as hen’s teeth in ordinary circumstances. I’ve tried listening whilst I […]

The Cycle Path Test

It’s happened. I fear I have finally tipped over into cliché. I have bought myself a road bike.   It’s all with the best intentions. Having only – until relatively recently – been given the chance to leave the house for an hour a day for government-mandated exercise, I found that I had exhausted every […]

Far From The Maddening Crowd

I’ve loved football for decades. And, by football, I betray my Anglocentric roots. I’m not talking about soccer (or “association football”, to use the proper term) – no, I’m talking about my love of gridiron, which may well have been the gateway drug to my affection for Americana.   I remember the first flickering of […]

Sweet Release

THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS has been out for a few weeks now. Even though I’ve released plenty of books over the years, it never gets old to get the first few responses back from readers. There are lots of things that run through a writer’s mind at that point…   The main thing is […]