Susanna Clarke, PIRANESI And However Long It Takes

Amongst the flurry of books released in September, I note with interest a new book from Susanna Clarke. Released with a relatively short build-up (I only found out that a book was due maybe six or seven weeks ago), it has come as a wonderful surprise, and a book I will certainly look forward to […]

SUCCESSION And Writing Without Heroes

I’ve been working my way through my endless list of TV shows to be watched, taking whatever chance I can get to switch my brain into a different gear after a long day mining words at the coalface. In a way, it’s a bit like the famous Stephen King quote about writers – “If you […]

“Libraries Gave Us Power…”

I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in my hometown recently. I happened to pass the library as I walked through the town centre. Even years later, it was reassuring to see that it looks just as it did when I used to visit.   Growing up, the library was a huge part […]


I was fortunate to be able to visit family in my hometown last week. The old family home is in the midst of a big spring clean, with cupboards being cleared out and drawers being emptied, and things being brought out into the light for the first time in years, or in some cases, decades. […]

Clear The Corners – The Art Of Good Action

It’s been a while since I’ve written about any televisual distractions, but I’ve just spent a good few hours immersing myself in GANGS OF LONDON, and found myself thinking about the challenges of writing good action as opposed to the differences in choreographing action for a visual medium like television or film.   GANGS OF […]

The World Through A Fifteen Inch Screen

I talked about one aspect of online culture the other day (hi Dad!) but, sat here in the office, I’m taken to ponder another aspect of the internet that has become indispensable to me and my stories.   My tales take my protagonists all over the world, with location being an absolutely vital part of […]

Growing Up On The Set Of DUTY FREE

It’s finally time for me to lift the lid on a subject I haven’t talked about before, but after a flurry of interest in the topic over the past few weeks, I can’t avoid it any longer. As you know, I try to keep some things quiet, and private, especially when it comes to my […]

A Rock With A Hole, Some Bacon And A Steady Hand

There have been tiny steps made towards some kind of a return to normality, and I took the opportunity to take the family away for a few days, back to the coast in my old hometown. Naturally, life managed to find a way to throw a couple of spanners into the works, but somehow, by […]

The Best Cup Of Coffee I’ve Ever Tasted

A few months ago, I posted about how much I was missing the simple pleasure of taking time to enjoy a coffee in a quiet corner of a café during the lockdown period here in the UK. Things are easing here slightly, and whilst it still feels like there is a good way to go […]

Crisis And Broadening My Horizons

There were always comics in my house growing up, as with many people my age. They were everywhere, selling huge numbers, and across many genres. Every newsagent had shelves of them, covering all bases – the war comics, the sci-fi comics, the girls comics, the licensed tie-ins, and the humour comics that first caught my […]