Audiobooks, KILLA CITY And All Things To All People

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed seeing develop over my time as a writer is the explosion of interest in audiobooks.


Our lives are changing, now more than ever, and that also means that how people enjoy culture is changing. I like to be at the forefront of new trends and so I make sure that every one of my books is available as an audiobook. I want as many people as possible to be given the opportunity to enjoy my stories, however they choose to do that.


Lot of readers insist on a physical book to read. Then there are those readers who like the convenience of an ereader and a digital copy. Then there are those who like the flexibility that an audiobook offers – a story that can soundtrack a walk, a commute, or pottering around the house doing the chores. There is crossover between all of them, with people picking and choosing their format to suit their preference.


I find audiobooks fascinating, and often surprising. As I write, I have one voice in my head – mine. I know exactly how my characters sound, and I can hear the cadence and rhythm of each sentence as I put the words down. When a new voice is introduced – that of the narrator – then I find I’m hearing the story in a completely new way, often showing me elements that I hadn’t considered before. I’ve been blessed to work with some terrific voice artists, all of whom have interpreted my words in interesting ways, creating new variations on the text with their delivery. David Thorpe – who has voiced every Milton book to date – has been fabulous to work with, and I’ve been lucky to have him.


KILLA CITY – with David narrating again – is out on audiobook this Friday. You can preorder it on Audible here – it’s also available at all other stores.