Anti-Clockwise? No, ANTI-Clockwise!

Like any true Englishman, I do enjoy a good grouse about the weather.  There’s that old saying about the weather in Britain – “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”  So, after a good grumble about the endless rain of May, I’ve found myself rooting around in the closet for shorts and a […]


My son likes dinosaurs. And robots. And monsters. So, of course, we all settled down to watch GODZILLA VERSUS KONG recently. It is hilarious, and daft, and ridiculous. And absolutely brilliant.   I was interested to see that the film has done well, or at least, that’s what the scuttlebutt is about it, especially when […]


I’ve been rewatching BREAKING BAD recently, scratching an itch I’ve been meaning to get to since getting up to date with BETTER CALL SAUL. It’s been fascinating to go back and watch the show with the benefit of distance, and of knowing the ultimate final destination (or, at least, with the many theories and interpretations floating […]

Arm Doing Well, Thanks

One of the things that I’ve found peculiar (amongst many other things) about this year is how it is simultaneously long (every day seems the same) while also having passed remarkably quickly (a lack of difference in the diary, means fewer “memories” than usual). There have been bright spots of optimism as we inch out of one […]

On A Need To Know Basis

I’m delighted that LINE OF DUTY is back. Nine million of us are hooked on the rug-pulls, back-stabs and cutting comments in this real throw-back to “water cooler” television. One thing that I’ve found interesting is how the show makes no compromises in terms of explanation. You are clearly expected to have watched the previous […]

The Crown And The Chains Of Authenticity

I’m sure you’ve all had quite enough of wading through the usual “best of” lists, so I’ll spare you mine. However, I would like to talk to you about one of the best things I watched last year: THE CROWN.   Even if you haven’t watched it you will likely have heard of it – […]

Putting A Ring Around A Perfect Couple Of Hours

As a child, one way I knew Christmas was officially around the corner was the arrival of the two TV listing magazines we had in the UK – the Radio Times for BBC channels and the TV Times for the independent ones. Due to some bizarre regulations the listings for the networks were kept separate, so […]


I wouldn’t want to be George R. R. Martin. Well, saying that, there are *some* benefits. But, when you’re working your way through one of the most significant literary works of the last fifty years, and the world notices, catches up, then overtakes your books, the pressure must be immense. Not only that, he’s also […]

The Kindle Storyteller Award And Being Part Of A Community

I’ve been hugely privileged to be involved with the last couple of Kindle Storyteller Awards. As a writer – and a busy writer at that – it can be tempting to get buried by the work and the deadlines, and not find the time to look around and see what others are doing. Fortunately, thanks […]

Tua The Manner Born

There’s a lot going on in the world today. Every day I open the news app on my phone looking through my fingers. But every so often, something comes along to convince me that maybe – just maybe – things are going to work out alright. And, my friends, that something is Tua Tagovailoa.   Anyone who has […]