I’m working hard to get my catalogue translated into other languages.  So far, I’ve had books translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and – particularly – German.  It’s been a wonderful and exciting experience, reminding me of the fun I had when I was releasing my first few books, and starting to find my audience. […]


What one thing am I obsessed about (apart from writing)? It would have to be technology. I love it. I drive an electric car. I have an electric bike. I look at fridges that tell you when you’re out of milk and now I’m itching to buy one…   Given that I sell most of […]

80 Ways Around The World

I wonder – is there such a thing as a universal language of story? Language is a wonderful, living, breathing thing, and the stories that can be told change and develop as tastes do the same. Or do they? Maybe the flavours of the stories do, but when you strip a good tale back down […]

Audiobooks, KILLA CITY And All Things To All People

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed seeing develop over my time as a writer is the explosion of interest in audiobooks.   Our lives are changing, now more than ever, and that also means that how people enjoy culture is changing. I like to be at the forefront of new trends and so I […]

On The High Street, Just In Time

I am making my high street debut this month with the hardback release of THE CLEANER hitting the shelves. I’m feeling a real mixture of emotions. I’ll try and explain.   Firstly, I am hugely grateful to the many readers who have enjoyed my books with their ereaders. It’s not an understatement to say that […]

Sweet Release

THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS has been out for a few weeks now. Even though I’ve released plenty of books over the years, it never gets old to get the first few responses back from readers. There are lots of things that run through a writer’s mind at that point…   The main thing is […]

The accidental hero – is John Milton arrogant and incompetent?

One of the most common criticisms of The Cleaner that I see in reviews is that Milton is, basically, incompetent.   The suggestion is that an operative with his particular set of skills (hat tip to Liam Neeson) would not make the elementary errors that Milton makes. His tradecraft is sometimes lacking and he leaves […]

The John Milton Book Club: The Cleaner

If you had told me four years ago that the release of The Cleaner would mark the start of my dream career as a novelist I would probably have said that you were crazy, drunk, high or a combination of all three. I was still working in the film industry then, my daughter was coming […]