A daughter lost…

Nine months ago, Beatrix Rose had her family brutally taken from her. Now all that matters is getting her daughter back. And Beatrix is no ordinary mother – she’s a skilled assassin who will do whatever it takes to find her child.

A daughter found…

Danny Nakamura deserted his post in Vietnam and disappeared into Hong Kong’s Walled City, vowing never to go home again. Decades later, his health failing, he’s suddenly found a reason to return to LA: the discovery of a daughter he never knew he had. But getting home won’t be easy. Danny has powerful enemies in the CIA who will do whatever it takes to keep him out of the country.

The search begins.

Two people adrift in a foreign land, Beatrix and Danny need all the help they can get. A storm is coming. Can they help each other survive it and find their children before time runs out for both of them?

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