The release of a new Milton book is always an exciting time for me. I love writing these books, and it is with a combination of elation and trepidation that I press that button that makes them available to readers. Thankfully, the reaction to the thirteenth Milton novel – Redeemer – has been very positive. I was slightly surprised to see that I hadn’t released a new Milton book since The Alamo in June 2017, but I promise you that this one is worth the wait.


Without giving too much away, Milton finds himself in Rio de Janeiro on a trip to attend the Rock in Rio festival. He is staying at the house of an old friend from the SAS who now runs a close protection business catering to the city’s elite. When one of the bodyguards doesn’t show up for work, John steps in – it wouldn’t be spoiling anything too much to say that things don’t run smoothly, and Milton is forced to investigate a kidnapping that takes him into the heart of the lawless slums that comprise the city’s favelas.


You can find out more here. I hope you enjoy the read.


Milton will be back again this year in a new flashback novel that takes him back to his Group Fifteen days. The plot is inspired by the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, where I live. In fact, they were found by two people I know in a park that is less than two minutes from the office where I’m writing this post.


Truth really can be stranger than fiction sometimes.