I’ve been interested in putting out a line of punchy, lightning-fast, unputdownable books for a
while. Not that the Milton and Rose books aren’t those two things – readers assure me that
they are – but, rather, I’ve been meaning to pen a series of shorter novellas that are designed
to be read in one addictive gulp. The kinds of books that you could read on the way to work,
or before you go to sleep. Something to distract you while you wait in line. A blast of
entertainment that can be consumed on the train, in the car, or on a flight. Less than the price
of a Starbucks double espresso, and with a much bigger kick.


The series is set in the Group Fifteen world that will be familiar to you if you have read any
of my Milton or Rose novels. The first of these compulsive thrillers is Scorpion, and it is out


It’s the first time that I’ve worked with a co-author on any of my books, and I’m beyond
pleased with how it has turned out. The award-winning Steve Cavanagh worked with me on
Scorpion, bringing the pace and authenticity of his excellent Eddie Flynn series to my
fictional world.


The next novella – Live Wire – will introduce a new Group Fifteen character, and is co-
written by the Sunday Times bestseller Scott Mariani.


You can be assured of one thing: I am fastidious on quality, and anything with my name on it
will be something that I’ve worked on extensively and something that will have passed a very
stringent quality check. The early response to Scorpion demonstrates that this one hits the
mark. I hope you agree.


The Milton and Isabella novels will always be written by me alone. I’m starting Milton #12 –
Never Let Me Down Again – soon. And I will also be writing a new standalone called Vector
that will take my espionage books and shake them up in a way you won’t be able to predict.
And there’s also the small matter of the conclusion of the Isabella Rose series – The Assassin
– due out in early 2018.


For now though, check out Scorpion – I think you’ll love it.


Head over to the Group Fifteen section for more details.