Look For The Helpers

Something I’ve really found heartening lately is the explosion of community, care and innovation from people determined to make the best of this difficult situation we find ourselves in. I’ve titled this piece after a well-worn meme that circulates social media whenever something awful happens – it’s ascribed to Fred Rogers, who I know will need no introduction to my friends in America. Essentially, it is some homespun wisdom from his mother, possibly apocryphal, used to comfort the young Fred, that whenever something bad happens, he should “look for the helpers”. It’s a lovely thought, and even in these ever-more cynical times, there have been example after example of people doing amazing things, for friends, family, and for, well, anyone who needs it.


People are giving up their time to deliver online fitness courses, share their knowledge on educational subjects, or show you how to make your own bread at home.


So. Much. Bread.


Not only that, there is a real sense of community coming out of this. We have tried to do our bit too, here. At the start of lockdown, we went around our village, posting contact cards through letterboxes offering to help with grocery shopping and the like, and have been delighted to find a few people who have taken advantage of the offer. Because of this, we’ve made new friendships, and I’m hopeful we can continue this once we come through this period and out the other side. And this seems to be something that the whole world is doing – a groundswell of community spirit springing out of the basic human need to just “do something good”, reminding me that the human capacity to care and watch out for people is powerful and persistent.


I’d love to hear some examples of some of the good things going on in your world at the moment. I won’t tip my hand just yet, but I’ve been working on a little project that I hope will do some good as well – watch this space!