2021 – Green Shoots And Taking Stock

As we come to the end of 2020, the usual end of year reflection and optimistic hopes for the new year take on even greater significance than before. It’s been a year… but we made it, and looking at the blank slate of a new year stretching out ahead of us, I can’t help but feel positive about what’s to come. I won’t labour too much on the broader state of the world other than to say that I feel doubly blessed to have made it through the year without being touched directly by the hardships and tragedies that too many others have suffered.


My job is escapism. I hope that my stories provide you with a different place to be for a few hours. That might be curled up on the sofa, sat up in bed, or outside listening to an audiobook. With that goal in mind I am pleased with what I have achieved this year. Milton has had new adventures, I’ve debuted a new character in Atticus Priest, and I’ve been able to introduce my writing to new readers around the world.


I’ve been fortunate enough to still be able to write, and that’s been a real comfort. It’s been a massive boon to me to be able to stay in contact with you and I’m grateful for your kind words and encouragement.


It definitely feels like 2020 was a year to be endured and not enjoyed. Perhaps I’m being naïve but I sense some real optimism in the air. Even if I am being naïve, who cares? I’ll take that optimism and use it to push on, and work as hard as ever to deliver stories to you that are every bit as good as anything I’ve done before – in fact, I’ll be disappointed if this coming year doesn’t deliver my best work. I am very competitive – with myself as much as anyone – and I can’t wait to put Milton, Atticus and Beatrix through the wringer like never before (as well as offering up one or two surprises for you).


So, from me to you and yours – my very best wishes, and glad tidings for the new year. A year without maybe quite as much sourdough and banana bread, though…