The Imposter

The Imposter

VE Day, London, 1945: a city on its knees and ripe for plunder. Rationing has created a monstrous black market that needs to be fed. It’s the perfect time to make a killing.

You think crime doesn’t pay? Meet the Costellos. Violet is in charge – ruthless, brilliant, heartless. Threaten her family and it’ll be the last thing you do. Joseph is the soldier the army doesn’t want and so he joins the family business instead. Brutish Frank fronts violence with rough charm and seedy glamour. The family has a box at the Opera and a South London lock-up no-one wants to visit.

War hero Edward Fabian finds himself drawn into the Costello’s web of vice and soon he is an accomplice to the family’s scheming. But he’s not the man they think he is–he’s far more dangerous than they could possibly imagine.

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The characters are deeply complex and nuanced. Fascinating and highly detailed.

Robert Casamajor

An immensely gripping read


The Imposter delivers a great story. Brilliant, just brilliant.


The Imposter is another one of Dawson's works that I had trouble putting down.

Jeffrey E

Superb details- a gripping history lesson in post WWII England. Could not put this book down.

edward levinson